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The e-commerce market has been booming for the past few years, with more and more Internet users buying online… and more and more websites being created! But to attract and retain their clients, e-commerce websites have to be competitive and fast. This requires from e-retailers that they choose the solution best fitted to their needs according to their size, their activity, their traffic…

Indeed, choosing an ill-fitting solution can lead to serious consequences: slow speed, loss of revenue, additional expenses to (ineffectively) try and palliate the issues… Yet it is not always easy to see things clearly when there is a multitude of products to choose from. As Philippe Humeau, writer of several e-commerce White Books, says:

“Everything is about choice and management, but at the heart of every e-commerce project is a product that will propel the website and take charge of its clients. Choosing well this first key element is a very complicated task for anyone, since it takes tens or even hundreds of variables into account. This choice can send a company a step ahead of its competitors for the next three years or, at the opposite, reduce its chance to really find the place it deserves online.”

E-merchants, eCommerce Matrix is here to clarify things for you and to provide you with autonomy on your projects. You will be asked 20 to 30 questions about your business, and we will email you the 3 best e-commerce platforms for you as well as a quick presentation of each of them. You can then study them and tilt the balance in favour of the one you feel most comfortable with.

It should not take you more than 3 minutes to answer the questions, please be as precise as you can to help us fingerprint your needs as tightly as possible!

Let’s go!

  1. 1 Core questions
  2. 2 Core questions
  3. 3 Optional questions
  4. 4 Summary
  5. 5 Identity information
  • Is your business mainly B2B or B2C?*

    What is your online turnover projection for this year? (in K$ or K€)*

    What is your online turnover projection in 3 years? (in K$ or K€)*

    How many daily visitors are you expecting on a normal day?*

    Would you consider some emerging, maybe smaller or just not yet well known solutions?*

    Is it important to you that your solution be opensource?*

    What is your Build+Run budget for the next three years?*

    What is tour time to market? (in months)*

    Have you got a physical store network?*

    Are you selling in several countries?*

  • Do you face real large and brutal activity peaks (like x4 or more during a special operation or sales)?*

    Are you a brand?*

    Is your company already experimented in online sales?*

    Will you develop internally or outsource to a system integrator?*

    Will you be updating the look & pages very often?*

    Is your product catalogue very large and/or complex?*

    Will your webstore be interconnected a lot with other products/services/systems?*

    Do you consider that a lot of sales will be done following a query in the search bar?*

    Is your organization very keen on advanced analytics, BI and statistics?*

    Do you need to integrate other side products like OMS/CRM/ERP/PIM/etc?*

  • Is your business both B2B & B2C?

    If you have some, how many physical stores are there in your network?

    Do you benefit from internal technical capabilities? (PHP/Java/Symfony/Dotnet)

    Do you sell complex/customizable products?

    Are mobile sales an important selling channel in your strategy?

    Do you consider security as an important criterion in your decision?

    Do you want your site to be hosted on Amazon Web Services?

    Is SaaS an absolute no go for you?

    Do you intend to equip in-store associates with a tablet, to sell from the website, within the store?

    Would you consider page load time a very important factor?

    Is an efficient support from the editor mandatory or you will rely on your integrator?

    Do you want to put together a complex/complete logistic chain?

    Will there be a lot of people connected to the backoffice at the same time?

    Is your company more inclined to spend on CAPEX (investments) or OPEX (running costs)?

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