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Download the e-Commerce Benchmark

Discover the e-Commerce Benchmark: more than 300 pages of in-depth analyses of 15 e-commerce solutions, and a chapter on tomorrow’s solutions! This revised version of the 2013 Benchmark, published after 20 months of work and many meetings with the editors, is probably the most complete study about the main e-commerce solutions.

We advise you to read this White Book if you already short-listed some solutions, and need more information on them to make your choice. You will find, for each solution, details about the features, licenses, ecosystem, linked third-party products… and the general position of the solution in the market. Solutions reviewed in depth: Webshpere Commerce, Oracle Commerce, Hybris, Demandware, Intershop, Magento, VirtueMart, Oxide Sales, Shopware, RBS Change, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce, Prestashop, Zen Cart and Woo Commerce

Tomorrow’s solutions: ONGR, Melis Technology, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Spree Commerce, Sellvana, Satchmo, Virto Commerce, NopCommerce, Insite soft, Thelia, Sitecore, OroCommerce, Mozu, Proximis, Spryker, Reaction Commerce, Sylius

You can download the e-Commerce Benchmark here download the e-Commerce Benchmark here


Download the White Book “Choosing your e-commerce solution”

A C-level and consultant-oriented White Book, “Choosing your e-commerce solution” provides an analysis of eight e-commerce solutions and their main strengths. Find out which solution is best fitted for you whether your focus is on omnichannel, B2B, international development…

We advise you to read this White Book if you have no or little idea about which e-commerce solution to choose. You will find, for each main trend or need, an assessment of the eight reviewed solutions. By combining these assessments, you can then identify which solution would best serve your website.

Studied trends and needs: omnichannel, brand, B2B, international, sales, data, marketing, IT, integration, ecosystem

Solutions reviewed: Websphere Commerce, Demandware, Hybris, Oracle Commerce, Intershop, Magento, Drupal Commerce, Prestathop

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